We had no idea where to go, but were surprized by a few simple miracles

So it took a month of working into the night (to the extent of becoming ill), but I learned to do animation, and put together this short film of how it all happened

The first woman was a prostitute who almost died, but met Jesus in a dream; which led to me and my wife meeting (who drew the people)


We could see them running around, screaming... There was nothing I could doLira’s rain
The rebels were more active in the east a few days ago. And it looked like they might come hereSub Sahara
They gave speaches about how they couldn’t repay me, for just having visitedNorthern Uganda
Our pastor imprisoned, for ‘attempting to overthrow the government’Joy in prison
Why would Jesus say God had abandoned him? Where are the Magi from?Bible
My first animated short, of some simple miraclesAnimation
What if numbers could only be big and small?Maths made simple
Genesis is different. Vegetarianism explains whyCreative Snails
Generics for arrays+strings in caArray
Flick to control projectorsFlickScreen