Creative Snails

The creator of Big Bang theory was a Catholic Priest

But the Aztecs were more creative: “The second sun was devoured by tigers ... ‘Who will take care of bringing the dawn?’ The Lord of the Snails famous for his strength and beauty, stepped forward. ‘I will be the sun,’ he said.”

The Aztecs tell us the Lord of the Snails was then slow and started going backwards, so the other Gods hit him in the face with a rabbit

Other creation myths are similarly inventive. So is the book of Genesis the same? It describes creation in this order:

1.  Cosmos is void
2.  Light is created
3.  The light separates out
4.  Earth is given an atmosphere
5.  Dry land and sea form
6.  Plants
7.  Fish
8.  Land animals
9.  People

How can we explain Genesis reaching the same ordering as our understanding of how planets and life form? To independently reach the same ordering as these + a few more events is factorial 13; or 1 in 6227 million. But there are a few confounding factors: How did the writer of Genesis even know to include light or atmosphere? Maybe we could say it was simply logic. Either way, it’s surprizing, particularly when compared against creation myths

Genesis correlations are not definitive proof of anything, (for definitive proof, there have easy answers). But imho, explaining the above correlations is statistically more significant than typical debates

Definitive proof?

Definitive proof is easy for some people: I have seen God do miracles; heard him tell me about the future, and seen those things come true. Yes, some of those in isolation can be questioned; and generally I'm a sceptic; but it is the stacking up of multiple such events

I realise not everybody has those things; but then again, half the people I know recount crazier such events than me

Creationist debate

None of us were there at creation, so none can be sure, and I only give my opinion. I like Terry Pratchett’s suggestion of planets being terraformed, and someone inserting a fossilized dinosaur holding the placard “Say No To Nuclear Testing”

But consider if Genesis were a scientific account of creation... Then no-one would understand it until the 19th century, and after that it would be a done deal with nothing new to teach us

The Big Bang is great at telling us how we came to exist, but doesn’t tell us what we exist for. Genesis does. Would Genesis be more effective at that if it were more scientific? I doubt it. Should Mozart have been more scientific? I doubt it: we value his work, without arguing about his mathematics

The whole point of Genesis is fundamentally different to theories of Evolution or the Big Bang. They explain perceived phenomena. Genesis explains the meaning of life

I think science sets a good example for creationists though. The Big Bang, as a theory, can never be proved by the evidence, it simply becomes more (or less) probable. This means science can never be wrong — or truly right !!(^_^), it simply bends and changes with new evidence. Even if creationists disprove it, science does not break

Equally, faith should not break if science disproves it. If creationism MUST be correct, our faith is always in danger. But Jesus does not base himself on any of these things. He said “I AM” ... which is an altogether bigger challenge

End of the world

But to be honest, this world is a mess; and I think people have deeper questions than creationism. Like how could a loving God create such a world?

The Bible provides many many answers to this. But lets just look at the antipode of creation:

  • “Then I saw ‘a new heaven and a new earth,’ for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away ...
  • “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away””Revelation 21

Vegetarianism explains all

In Genesis 1, everybody is to be vegetarian — there is no death

But after the spread of evil, and Noah, God permits animals to be eaten

  • “In the past, I gave you the green plants to eat. Now every animal will also be food for you”Genesis 9

So life has changed from how God initiated it. This is our present situation, and one we're not satisfied with. But this is only the middle of the story. God also tells us the closing act:

  • “The lion will eat hay like a cow.
    The baby will play safely near the hole of a cobra.
  • Yes, a little child will put its hand in a nest of deadly snakes without harm.
    Nothing will hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain,
  • for as the waters fill the sea,
    so the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord”Isaiah 11
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